Welcome to the official website of screenwriter, author, and “creative troubleshooter” Bill Taub.

“The time has come the walrus said…”

As far as me having a website, the walrus died a long time ago having said his piece a thousand times over – but in his honor I am finally getting around to doing it.

Automatic Pilot by Bill TaubNow that I have a book out – am doing much more consulting, teaching, producing as well as rushing towards the horizon of new media – which keeps moving the closer I get to it, I will try to incorporate much of my passions – both for my profession which I have been in for over thirty years – as well as my passions for life and other interests that I think about along the way.

I started out in advertising as a Creative Type – not quite a ‘Mad Man’ except for the drinking, and because of my interests and abilities was assigned to a ‘trouble-shooting’ unit that worked on accounts that were in trouble. I loved doing that. Because it meant I could tackle all different kinds of businesses and products and not be attached to just one or two – and get known as a ‘tire specialist’. I hated the pigeon-holing and carried that dislike over into my television and now new media careers.

So – looking around. And if you are in need of a ‘Creative Trouble-Shooter’ – I’m your man. The fact that it only deals with writing means nobody gets killed!

If not – just look around and see if anything else interests you just for your enjoyment!

It will be a slow build – but the fact that I have this much I owe to a wonderful website implementer and consultant – Leon Wagner.

I Am a Test Tube Baby!

Sounds like a headline from a tabloid, but it’s not.

I presently live and work in Los Angeles, but as a kid growing up in Queens, New York, I remember being fascinated by this tube called television — which stuck with me all through High School and University, where I majored in Broadcasting. So, it’s no wonder I wound up working in the medium. Besides working in it, I still consider myself a student of the medium. And love watching how it has changed and evolved over the years.

I am now excited to be crossing the threshold once again, combining my love for television with this new medium that fascinates me – the computer. It makes me feel like a kid again!

In addition to having a multitude of TV credits (you can check Google and Ask Jeeves , they’re only too happy to humiliate me), I have also written or co-written the pilots for Relic Hunter, Friday the 13th: The Series, Mission Genesis, The Odyssey, and Dark Shadows. I also wrote two pilots for NBC that didn’t get produced, Blue Skies, and Burger Palace . Most recently I wrote my own spec pilot Raffle Guy, which won First Place in the Scriptapalooza contest and is now in the process of being set up.

Whatever way I can help you create and write your own television pilots, I’m here for you. Right in this little box.

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