It Was A Great Flight!

Thanks so much to the Screenwriters Network for inviting me to present “Automatic Pilot” – Creating a Pilot for TV or Web Series! It’s always an honor and a treat! 

Corden Blue

So a new late, late night host has been added to the mix – James Corden. A perfectly affable amusing fellow although it probably should be called “Early, Early Morning” rather than “Late, Late Show!” My only feedback so far, is the same problem I have with Seinfeld in ‘Comedians In Cars’…he laughs too much … Read more

Stephen Resar’s “Emma” – Part Two!

POSTED – 3/10/15 – CREATOR’S LOG! “Emma” – filming day. A good crew means everything and mine were dedicated and considerate. The product I have in hand is due to their unselfish efforts. The actors each are actively involved in other productions, and both are taking acting classes. Our film set slowly came together over … Read more

My Favorite Hot$hot!

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