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“The Man” Is My Kinda Guy!

Ah yes, I remember it well! It all started in January of 2014 — when this wonderfully creative woman, Kameishia Wooten, took my ‘Creating A Web Series’ online workshop through the UCLA Extension Writers’ Program — this is where she is now. Episode 2 of the web series she created from scratch in class. I […]

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So long, farewell, auf wiedersehn, good-bye…

Here’s a wonderful tribute to David Letterman from somebody who has known him for over 35 years — even before he got the Late Hight Show following Carson. And, like Jamie Masada himself, Dave can make a tremendous contribution behind the camera. Spear-heading break-through programming in a landscape that is wide open!!! Therer’s never been […]

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Introducing the Guru-ette of Self-Publishing!

If you’re interested at all in learning about self-publishing — you will not find a better mentor than Christiana Miller. She’s teaching a course at Emerson LA in it. And if you haven’t already thought about writing a book — after you take this course, you will, when you see how easy it is to […]

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Mirror! Mirror On The Wall…

I went with my wife today to the LA Women’s Expo at the LA Convention Center. Walking in, I saw some of the most beautiful women I’ve ever seen in my life — dressed and made up to the nines and tens — I knew something was a miss when one of  these long haired […]

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Today’s HOT SHOT! – Margaret Nagle!

The Athena List from the Athena Film Festival acknowledges the best unproduced screenplays with female leads. Margaret Nagle’s script about war photographer Dickey Chapelle along with Highsmith by Eliza Lee and What the World Will Look Like When all the Water Leaves Us by Jenny Halper were the three screenplays chosen. Let’s hope we can […]

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The Right “Direction”!

The most mult-talented guy I ever worked with is Chris Valenti. He’s a writer-director-producer-editor-actor-musician-stand-up comedian-musical satirist — I’d go on but I’ve run out of hyphens. His short film “Direction” is dancing off the screen at the “Dances With Film” Festival. Lights! Camera!…“Direction”!

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Instructor - Bill Taub

Congrats to John Vorhaus and Kevin Pollak

Saw this over the week-end! What a wonderful look at the comedians who know how to how to help us laugh through the pain and pangs of life — we all experience! My buddy “Misery Loves Comedy” – And so do we! My good friend Jamie Masada (Mr. Laugh Factory) calls comedians ‘doctors of the soul’…I think […]

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