“I Could Never Do That!”

A hearty congratulations to my wife! She just received this notice from Arbonne: “Congratulations Diane Taub for earning the Arbonne trip to Manhattan!!!” Absolutely incredible! This is a very prestigious trip and she did it! Many people ask me how could I possibly add the network marketing health and wellness company Arbonne to my list of … Read more

As Labor Day Approaches!

Too much of our labor is given away for free! There is no such thing as a steady income any more. Especially in the entertainment business. Am I telling you something you don’t know?  Robert Reich says it best! http://www.truthdig.com/report/item/the_upsurge_in_uncertain_work_2015 The best kind of income is residucal income — many of us know that. We … Read more

Where’s Billdo?

My good friend, Jamie Masada, in his testimonial for my book ‘Automatic Pilot’ called me ‘Hollywood’s best kept secret’ — among some other unprintable names. I think you can see why. This is a picture of my Camillia Monet – Esperanza Productions/Paramount team at YouTube Space LA with YouTube Space LA Executive Producer Partner Cliff … Read more