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And Still More to be Thankful For!

DRUM ROLL PLEASE!!! My incredibly supportive, hard working husband and my Arbonne Angel is now a DISTRICT MANAGER!! So proud of him and his growing Arbonne team!! CONGRATULATIONS!! – Diane Taub – 11/26/15 Proving once again, I can walk and chew gum at the same time! You too can Make more and work less! Let me tell […]

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Instructor - Bill Taub

Think “Outside The Cubicle”!

I love helping others with their creative projects, as well as creating my own. That’s why I wrote the book ‘Automatic Pilot’ and teach at UCLA Extension Writer’s Program as a sideline. All of which has afforded me the chance to consult with those who want some creative guidance. I’ve recently discovered there’s another way […]

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“Love and Mercy” and Thank-You!

A huge thank-you to the Hammonds and ‘Deadline’ for the 5th Annual “Contenders” Day at the DGA. Organized better than ever. The munches were way above average. The line-up was huge. Lots of good movies in the pipeline — many of which will probably be seen on VOD. Lots of memorable moments — I always […]

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