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Bill Taub

Where I Started

From the Hills of Forest in New York City (Forest Hills) to the Hills of Beverly in Los Angeles (Beverly Hills) it’s been quite a journey, some of which is detailed and explored on this site.

It’s been quite a ride and it’s not over yet…

I am a Test Tube Baby!

Sounds like a headline from the tabloids, but it’s not.

I presently live and work in Los Angeles, but as a kid growing up in Forest Hills, New York, I was fascinated by this tube called television. This obsession stuck with me, and only increased all through high school and university where I majored in broadcasting.

It’s a surprise to no one that I wound up having a career in the medium of television.

Besides working in it, I have always considered myself a student of it. As a teenager, while others were playing baseball and sewer-to-sewer stickball, I was studying Weekly Variety, keeping charts and graphs of ratings, and making scrapbooks of articles —-all about television.

It was a thrill for me to go to the RCA Building at Rockefeller Center and spend a day in and around the NBC studios. Nothing could have been more glamorous.

Over the decades, my love for television hasn’t wavered, although, like sports, as the business changed, my view of the industry has — and not for the better.

New Media

I am fascinated by how it has changed and evolved over the years until now, where I think the programming on television, thanks to technology and fragmentation, has never been better.

Growing up in a four-network universe, I could never have imagined what the technology has become.

And once again, I am excited and energized to be crossing the threshold into a whole new world, combining my love for television with all the digital technology that is opening up the creative landscape to so many more opportunities for writers and lovers of the medium.

It makes me feel like a kid again!

Bill Taub Boyhood Home
Bill’s boyhood home in Forest Hills, Queens, New York