As Labor Day Approaches!

Too much of our labor is given away for free! There is no such thing as a steady income any more. Especially in the entertainment business. Am I telling you something you don’t know?  Robert Reich says it best!

The best kind of income is residucal income — many of us know that. We get paid for work done and reused not salaried or by the hour. It’s the gift that keeps on giving. Which is why I’m helping my wife with her business. It’s perfect for anybody, but esecially those of us in the entertainment business. And who wouldn’t like to have more time and freedom to devote time to our passion projects. All we have to do is figure out how to pay next month’s rent without working 60 hours a week. If I could show you how would you be interested?  Think about it. Better yet, find out about it. In a few short years you can amassed quite a nest egg of residual income. It’s all internet based so you don’t have to be local. If you’re interested in finding out about it e-mail or IM me.


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