A Perfect Day!

Can’t say enough about this talented musical artist from Toronto. So I won’t. I’ll let his music speak for itself. Marc Jordan at the Jazz Bistro in Toronto!

Fingers, Toes Crossed. Legs broken!

Congratulations to Amy Powers – Arbonne BFF – her Broadway musical of the iconic ‘Dr. Zhivago’ after years of working on it (I think it took longer than the Russian Revolution) finally opens on Tuesday, April 21, 2015. Check it out! Not a bad week – her Broadway musical opens and she gets honored for making … Read more

Seinfeld Crackles, And Once Again, Says A Lot About ‘Nothing’!

I wanted to share Joshua Cohen’s transcription of Jerry Seinfeld’s comments at the Crackle – ‘upfronts’. Seinfeld is indeed the quintessential ‘elephant in the room’ . His observations and candor, whether they be about ‘awards’ or just about anything are always unforgettable! Read the article on Crackle: Jerry Seinfeld On Why He Likes Going Digital, … Read more

She the ‘Man’!

Congratulations Kameishia, I couldn’t be prouder. Nothing is truly ‘Automatic’ — but Kameishia proves, traditional media or web series, the process works! Success: Online Student Creates and Produces Web Series I would like to thank Linda Venis and the UCLA Extension Writers’ Program (yet again!) for giving me the opportunity to give others the opportunity. We’ll … Read more

Great Scott!

I have known and worked with Scott Ritter for almost ten years. I consider myself an admirer of  his knowledge and expertise. He is without question the smartest and most experienced person I know on matters like these!  He sacrificed a lot by being a whistle-blower. He tried to stop the Iraq war in its … Read more

The Proof Is In The Sailing!

Congratulations to my wife — who right up to the closing bell, earned an all expense paid five star cruise to the Bahamas from Arbonne International — the fantastic network marketing business she has been doing for just a few short years! It’s a great way to be your own boss, own your own business, … Read more