Going Once. Going Twice. SOLD!

Thank you Scott for facilitating a wonderful evening with your Screen Development Writers Group. It awas great fun. I also want to thank Chuck Rose and Sony for allowing us to talk about his pilot script ‘The Art Of More’ originally titled ‘Sold’ before it aired. It was great fun! Hope there’s a lot ‘more’. StoryBoard Writing … Read more

My Other Hat!

These days and in these businesses – or just about any business it’s nice to have a second stream of income – or Plan B. My wife is on a mission to educate people on how to live healthier — and if they so choose — wealthier. She’s been so successful at it I’ve decided … Read more

As Labor Day Approaches!

Too much of our labor is given away for free! There is no such thing as a steady income any more. Especially in the entertainment business. Am I telling you something you don’t know?  Robert Reich says it best! http://www.truthdig.com/report/item/the_upsurge_in_uncertain_work_2015 The best kind of income is residucal income — many of us know that. We … Read more

Where’s Billdo?

My good friend, Jamie Masada, in his testimonial for my book ‘Automatic Pilot’ called me ‘Hollywood’s best kept secret’ — among some other unprintable names. I think you can see why. This is a picture of my Camillia Monet – Esperanza Productions/Paramount team at YouTube Space LA with YouTube Space LA Executive Producer Partner Cliff … Read more

Fill ‘er Up!

Bill, Our chat last evening was terrific, thanks for the kind words. Speaking with you about the creative arts always puts more gas in my tank.  Thanks Stephen…I love creative challenges!   Click to go to Website!

It Was A Great Flight!

Thanks so much to the Screenwriters Network for inviting me to present “Automatic Pilot” – Creating a Pilot for TV or Web Series! It’s always an honor and a treat! 

Awards Season

Like being in a jungle of statuettes, we’re trudging our way through awards season. With the grand-daddy of them all almost upon us — OSCAR. Which always reminds me of when I was asked to be judge at a beauty contest by a friend of mine…

Paying It Sideways!

To all my Angelenos who are having trouble making ends meet — or even getting close to touching –and who isn’t? — my wife is having a big informative event tonight that you just might want to check out. Besides great information about absolutely great products, you will also learn how you can supplement your … Read more