Today’s HOT SHOT! – Margaret Nagle!

The Athena List from the Athena Film Festival acknowledges the best unproduced screenplays with female leads. Margaret Nagle’s script about war photographer Dickey Chapelle along with Highsmith by Eliza Lee and What the World Will Look Like When all the Water Leaves Us by Jenny Halper were the three screenplays chosen. Let’s hope we can … Read more

The Right “Direction”!

The most mult-talented guy I ever worked with is Chris Valenti. He’s a writer-director-producer-editor-actor-musician-stand-up comedian-musical satirist — I’d go on but I’ve run out of hyphens. His short film “Direction” is dancing off the screen at the “Dances With Film” Festival. Lights! Camera!…“Direction”!

Congrats to John Vorhaus and Kevin Pollak

Saw this over the week-end! What a wonderful look at the comedians who know how to how to help us laugh through the pain and pangs of life — we all experience! My buddy “Misery Loves Comedy” – And so do we! My good friend Jamie Masada (Mr. Laugh Factory) calls comedians ‘doctors of the soul’…I think … Read more

A Perfect Day!

Can’t say enough about this talented musical artist from Toronto. So I won’t. I’ll let his music speak for itself. Marc Jordan at the Jazz Bistro in Toronto!

Fingers, Toes Crossed. Legs broken!

Congratulations to Amy Powers – Arbonne BFF – her Broadway musical of the iconic ‘Dr. Zhivago’ after years of working on it (I think it took longer than the Russian Revolution) finally opens on Tuesday, April 21, 2015. Check it out! Not a bad week – her Broadway musical opens and she gets honored for making … Read more