We Are What We DON’T Eat!

Knowing what to eat and NOT to eat are the focus of the next LOOKIN’ GOOD! FEELIN’ GOOD!” Meet-Up. Those in Los Angeles are invited to come in person. Space is Limited. RSVP – BillTaubARB@gmail.com.  If you can’t make it in person follow us on FB LIVE. LOOKIN’ GOOD! FEELIN’ GOOD! Next Meet-Up

Health Assurance vs Health Insurance!

With all the focus on Health Insurance wouldn’t it be nice if somebody told you about Health Assurance. How to stay healthy rather than how to get well! Read this devastating TIME MAGAZINE article HIDDEN DANGERS1 and then let’s talk. IM me if interested. And why wouldn’t you be?  CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE!

30 Days To A Healthier You!

When you look good you feel good! Introducing Arbonne’s ’30 Days To Healthy Living’ challenge. It cleanses your system and resets your digestive tract. In just thirty days you eliminate toxins by restricting your intake of sugar, gluten, caffeine  and a few other things – while eating healthy. You will look better, feel better, have … Read more