For Political Junkies – like me!

I have worked with Scott Ritter on and off for the past six years. His expertise is arms control. And nuclear disarmament in specific. He was the Chief U.N. Weapons Inspector in Iraq and knew there were no WMD’s and the run up to the Iraq war was based on a lie or incompetence or … Read more

So long, farewell, auf wiedersehn, good-bye…

Here’s a wonderful tribute to David Letterman from somebody who has known him for over 35 years — even before he got the Late Hight Show following Carson. And, like Jamie Masada himself, Dave can make a tremendous contribution behind the camera. Spear-heading break-through programming in a landscape that is wide open!!! Therer’s never been … Read more

Mirror! Mirror On The Wall…

I went with my wife today to the LA Women’s Expo at the LA Convention Center. Walking in, I saw some of the most beautiful women I’ve ever seen in my life — dressed and made up to the nines and tens — I knew something was a miss when one of  these long haired … Read more

Seinfeld Crackles, And Once Again, Says A Lot About ‘Nothing’!

I wanted to share Joshua Cohen’s transcription of Jerry Seinfeld’s comments at the Crackle – ‘upfronts’. Seinfeld is indeed the quintessential ‘elephant in the room’ . His observations and candor, whether they be about ‘awards’ or just about anything are always unforgettable! Read the article on Crackle: Jerry Seinfeld On Why He Likes Going Digital, … Read more

Great Scott!

I have known and worked with Scott Ritter for almost ten years. I consider myself an admirer of  his knowledge and expertise. He is without question the smartest and most experienced person I know on matters like these!  He sacrificed a lot by being a whistle-blower. He tried to stop the Iraq war in its … Read more

Corden Blue

So a new late, late night host has been added to the mix – James Corden. A perfectly affable amusing fellow although it probably should be called “Early, Early Morning” rather than “Late, Late Show!” My only feedback so far, is the same problem I have with Seinfeld in ‘Comedians In Cars’…he laughs too much … Read more

More on Moore

Now that I’ve had a day to process the Academy Awards – as a writer, and also as a life lesson, the one thing that stood out from Graham Moore’s acceptance speech for his screenplay was not the obvious ‘dare to be different’ assertion, but to write your passion project — which might be another … Read more