Corden Blue

So a new late, late night host has been added to the mix – James Corden. A perfectly affable amusing fellow although it probably should be called “Early, Early Morning” rather than “Late, Late Show!”

My only feedback so far, is the same problem I have with Seinfeld in ‘Comedians In Cars’…he laughs too much at how funny things are — way out of proportion to what the viewer experiences.

james-corden-craig-ferguson-late-late-showWith nobody really knowing who he is (which he plays up brilliantly) I have seen a lot of criticism since his debut of the lack of diversity in late night TV hosts. No women. No minorities. Another white male. Was this the best choice that could have been made? Following Craig Ferguson the creative mind-set didn’t stray too far from the UK.

Which begs the question – with all this concern about diversity — what about the most basic question of all — how come not an American???

As someone who has spent lots of time at comedy clubs and seen hundreds of stand-up comedians, surely there must have been an American who could have filled the bill. Which is to take nothing away from James Corden. He reminds me of many of  the friends I used to pal around with and have lots of fun.

But I wonder,  just how many American comedians are fronting British talk shows???

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