Saturday, April 23rd – “Double Bill” at LA WEBFEST!


cropped-header-michael1I am looking forward to doing two presentations at LA WEBFEST

Saturday, April 23rd!

The First – a panel for Students.

11AM – 11:50AM– HOW WE MADE OUR WEB SERIES IN SCHOOL: STUDENTS AND TEACHERS REVEAL HOW HIGH SCHOOLS AND COLLEGES ARE TACKLING WEB SERIES AND WHY. PANELISTS: Kathryn Loveless (Creator-producer-star, “Patched”/Comedy/University of Rochester, New York, USA), Andre Barnwell (former TV executive-turned-web series producer & lecturer/California, USA), Dennis Curry (Instructor and award-winning web series producer/California, USA), Bill Taub (author and web series instructor at UCLA/USA) // MODERATOR: Pamela Jaye Smith

The Second – a presentation on “How to Create A Web Series” – from concept to completion and beyond!

4PM – 4:50PM– AUTOMATIC PILOT WORKSHOP (Creating a Successful and Sustainable TV or Web Series Pilot): An airplane pilot has to complete a checklist before taking off to avoid crashing and to stay in the air. Automatic Pilot is a TV Pilot Writer’s Checklist to keep from crashing and stay on the air. It applies to both traditional TV pilots and web series. Automatic Pilot is the definitive guide on how to create and write an original pilot, taking you through the step-by-step process of writing your own pilot script. Automatic Pilot is adapted from Bill Taub’s very successful UCLA Extension Writers’ Program online workshop, Writing A Spec Pilot, which he has been teaching to students all over the world since 2006. MODERATOR: Bill Taub []

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