Falll Term 2015 — Creating a Web Series (UCLA Online)

Instructor - Bill TaubAdvance notice. This is going to fill up fast.

Online workshop: “Creating A Web Series” Registration now open!

“Automatic Pilot” – A handy guide to writing a traditional or web series pilot!

Testimonials from Former Students

Thanks, Bill, for your encouragement to write what we want for ourselves and to keep remembering that we’ll continue to improve our craft as long as we keep at it. -– Lily

You’ve been an absolutely great – and very patient! – teacher and I’ve learnt so much in the past 9 nine weeks. — Nicola

I loved the fact that you didn’t “tell” me how or what to write. You are extremely approachable and generous in your teaching and I for one have found this to be such a fantastic way in which to explore something that I’ve wanted to for the last 2 years!!! — Verity

I had no idea what I was getting myself into, but sometimes, those make for the best journeys in Life, and that’s what I feel I’ve gone through in the last 10 weeks. –- IO

Bill, it is individuals like you that make UCLA, UCLA. Your commitment to your craft and love brilliantly shine through in all of your work. simply unbelievable. One of the the most enjoyable educational experiences in my life. — Donniel

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