March 2nd – 7 PM (PST) – “Creating A Web Series” – Video Call

A one hour video conference call via Zoom. Space is limited.

Creating Your Own Web Series with WGA Writer/Producer Bill Taub. 
Why Write a Web Series?
A Web Series is the only form in which a creator controls the content from concept to completion! It’s their vision, their voice that makes it to the screen.
In this session we will discuss
  • Why there’s never been a better time for the series writer/producer
  • The changes in media distribution which make web series far easier to fund and produce than a film
  • How writing a great series pilot can turn you into a show runner or get you on staff at a studio as a writer
  • How writer/producers are particularly well positioned to thrive in the modern media marketplace
  • How writing a series gives writers  more freedom and control over their characters and the stories they create
  • The fundamentals of writing a web series pilot and bible
  • The process by which writer/producers pitch their products



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