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I have worked with Scott Ritter on and off for the past six years. His expertise is arms control. And nuclear disarmament in specific. He was the Chief U.N. Weapons Inspector in Iraq and knew there were no WMD’s and the run up to the Iraq war was based on a lie or incompetence or both. He went public with what he knew firsthand. He met a torrent of blowback, as all whistle-blowers do. He tried to stop the war before it began. He failed, at a great personal price. He has now turned his insight towards Iran. If you’re looking for credibility — don’t look to the government. With the Iran deadline of June 30th rapidly approaching, I think Scott deserves to be heard/read — this time around! The London Review of Books was happy to give him a platform. Right up front he told me the headline was theirs not his — which is a relief! Scott1images (2)images (1)

Blowin’ In The Wind Redux

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