“I Could Never Do That!”

A hearty congratulations to my wife! She just received this notice from Arbonne:

“Congratulations Diane Taub for earning the Arbonne trip to Manhattan!!!”

Absolutely incredible! This is a very prestigious trip and she did it!

Many people ask me how could I possibly add the network marketing health and wellness company Arbonne to my list of activities these past few months. The answer is ‘how could I not’?

I have watched her network grow these last few years. And benefited as her monthly residual income check grew steadily. The skies the limit. And that’s working only part-time, making her own hours around everything else she wants to do. In addition she won a cruise to the Bahamas for the two of us in October. And now won the trip to New York City in December. All expenses paid for by Arbonne as an added bonus.

My answer is simple: The products are great! The business model is the best in the business (if you so choose to do the business) — you don’t have to. Just using the products will be one of the kindest things you will do for yourself to ensure your health and wellness. AND it is all internet based. It is only in four countries, so there is low brand awareness — and just added Poland to the U.S., Canada, the U.K., and Australia — so international expansion is just picking up steam. The support is unbelievable. The people you meet and get to know are amazing! And the culture of the still privately held company is simply unimagineable in any other business. “We’re better together!” And I work it around all my other activities a few hours a week – part-time.

The downside is: — there is no downside other than I have to work up the courage to talk to people about it.

The answer then to the question ‘how come I added Arbonne’ to my list of activities, is ‘why not’?  It’s a fun ride!

If anybody would like to join me or learn more about it — and are saying “I could never do that!” Yes you can! Don’t wait — particularly you guys and people in insecure professions like the entertainment business (or just about any business these days)…Arbonne needs us! To Find Out More!

HAPPY LABOR DAY in advance!

Take a bow!

Arbonne - Diane Taub


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