“Love and Mercy” and Thank-You!

Elizabeth Banks & Melinda WilsonA huge thank-you to the Hammonds and ‘Deadline’ for the 5th Annual “Contenders” Day at the DGA.

Organized better than ever. The munches were way above average. The line-up was huge. Lots of good movies in the pipeline — many of which will probably be seen on VOD.

Lots of memorable moments — I always love hearing from Aaron Sorkin – but the absolute most moving moment for me was when Pete Hammond interviewed Elizabeth Banks who played Melinda Wilson (Bryan Wilson’s 2nd wife in ‘Love And Mercy’) — and Melinda Wilson, herself. To see the actress and the real person she portrayed sitting next to each other — answering questions — was like time travel. Very, very special. And Melinda who is in her late 60’s couldn’t have been more gracious. A moment to savor and remember…

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