“Seated At The Writer’s Table”

This is one of my favorite interviews of me. Phil Giangrande works hard — is passionate about writers and writing — and it comes through.Click here for Podcast!

The Keith Andrew Show with Writer-Producer Bill Taub

I love this interview because of the interviewer not the interviewee! I love how honest and sincere and up front he is. We all face challenges but Keith Andrew is an inspiration who deserves our support. Please subscribe to his network!

3rd & Fairfax

New episodes of 3rd & Fairfax: The WGAW Podcast will be available on the second and fourth Thursday of every month. Subscribe now through iTunes, LibSyn, or Stitcher.

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Toot Your Own Horn – WGA Panel

TV Writer Podcast 085 – SDCC 2014 – How to Write a TV Pilot – Comic-Con 2014

TV Writer Podcast 086 – Bill Taub (Automatic Pilot)

Hollywood Insight podcast on SoundCloud (audio)

Hilliard Guess’ Screenwriters Rant Room (audio)

Westwood Horizons Senior Citizens Writing Workshop

STACKS: Episode 10 – The Truth Can Kill You
Watch for “Father Bill” in this episode of the web series Stacks.

The Most Miserable Man in the World

Friday the 13th: The Series – Pilot – The Inheritance

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