Group therapy at its zaniest. So insane it almost seems sane.

Episode One —  “Classic Four”

The Group helps Charles come to grips with the fact he’s not a “ten.”


Episode Two — “Better Red Than Dead”

Valenti finally starts dating a girl he really likes. Unfortunately, she’s a redhead — and he’s just learned redheads are going extinct!


Episode Three — “Soup To Nuts”

The group helps Jim come to terms with his rich, successful, condescending brother who always puts Jim down, humiliating him unmercifully. Jim would love to find a way to get even. The group has a few choice suggestions.


Episode Four — “Are You Sexier Than A Fifth Grader?”

The group help Krissy come to terms about her feelings for one of her fifth graders, or do they?

Episode Five — “Gyno Guy”

Charles has to tell one of his patients he no longer wants to be their gynocologist — his mother.



Bill Taub, Creator / Producer / Director
Jim Staahl, “Jim” / Executive Producer
Rebecca Roy, “Dr. Burke”
Steve Brewster, “Steve”
Scott MacDonnel, “Scott”
Kristin Cummins, “Krissy”
Deidre Miller-Cohen, “Dee-Dee”
Charles Horn, “Charles”
Chris Valenti, “Valenti”
Kasey Wilson, “Kasey”
Matthew Goodman, Co-Producer / Camera Operator
Tanja Barnes, Camera Operator
Valerie Alexander, Camera Operator
Garrick Dowhen, Camera Operator
Diane Taub, Camera Operator