Mirror! Mirror On The Wall…

IMG_453507255I went with my wife today to the LA Women’s Expo at the LA Convention Center. Walking in, I saw some of the most beautiful women I’ve ever seen in my life — dressed and made up to the nines and tens — I knew something was a miss when one of ┬áthese long haired beauties had a beard. I soon realized they had nothing to do with the Women’s Expo — down the hall was the DRAGCON – a drag queen convention! At lunch, in the cafeteria, we sat next to a table of about ten drag queens taking a lunch break. My wife, who is an Arbonne Consultant, went over and struck up a conversation with them about their make-up! They couldn’t have been nicer or more friendly. She even managed to get some make-up tips and is going to meet with them – and see if she can’t interest them in both the Arbonne After Shave and Eye Liner. Arbonne – We’re better together!LAWOMENSEXPO1IMG_453507237

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