Hit The Ground Running!

The Holiday Season feels like an obstacle course. With one more hurdle to go — NEW YEAR’S!

Then — it’s a whole new year and we can start over again. I am so pumped about all the things I have planned for 2018 – which is why:

The #1 NEW YEAR’S RESOLUTION is — ‘get healthier’! I’m doing the 30 day detox program to reset my digestive system.

If you’re open to hearing about it e-mail me at: BillTaubARB@gmail.com. Or contact me here: https://www.billtaub.com/contact/ – There’s still plenty of time to get started. AND THIS IS THE CLOSED FACEBOOK GROUP you will be invited to join to get all the support and encouragement you can think of. You’ve got nothing to lose but weight, feeling full, and toxins. And everything to gain: Alertness. Energy. Your clothes fit. Think of it as rebooting your computer. I’d love you to join us. It’s much more fun doing it as a group. Oh yeah, there’s something else you can gain — new friends! 

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