Paying It Sideways!

To all my Angelenos who are having trouble making ends meet — or even getting close to touching –and who isn’t? — my wife is having a big informative event tonight that you just might want to check out. Besides great information about absolutely great products, you will also learn how you can supplement your income. Particularly those of us in the entertainment business or who want to support our passion projects. There’s a bar — a roomful of wonderfully new and interesting people to meet and spend a couple of hours with. AND IT’S FREE!ARBONNE 47

I have seen the speakers, Sue Cassidy  and Gordon Fraser — they are the best act since Nichols and May! Don’t ask me which is which!

It’ll be great fun — and you just might hear about something that interests you or somebody you know. And yes, you can bring guests — but come early — it’s going to be crowded. And it’s going to be fun! ….And I just might have a book or two of “Automatic Pilot” to sign and sell there!

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