Pre-Halloween Exorcism!


Even though it’s Halloween this is not meant to scare you but to inform you. “Better living through chemistry” has not served us so well. We are beginning to realize what we put on and in our bodies makes a huge difference. For 35 years this little known Swiss based health and wellness company knew that. Now, it’s not so little! My wife learned about it from a friend of hers who had melanoma – and found Arbonne! Now I’m telling you about it! And giving you the chance to scare the toxic goblins away

Pre-Halloween Health and Wellness Meanie Exorcism!

Learn about ARBONNE’s incomparable Health and Wellness products! Skin care. Make-up. Nutritionals. Certified vegan, botanically based, gluten free, non gmo. Pure. Safe. And Beneficial. It’s not only what’s in ‘em – it’s what’s not in ‘em!
There’s something for every body! So good it’s almost scary!

CONTACT BILL TAUB FOR MORE INFO and a health and wellness exorcism: (310) 497-4586 (text or phone) —

I should know, I developed “Friday the 13th: The Television Series” Curious Goods - Friday the 13th - the Series

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