“Pump You Up!”

As a writer (or trying just about anything) staying pumped up, confident and enthusiastic will create the best work and most enjoyable experience! It is too easy to get discouraged and negative trying to do something new or totally subjective like writing when we’re surrounded by so called ‘experts’. Spare me the experts! My heros are those who ignored the experts. That’s where the most originality and uniqueness stems from. My goal, be as positive and uplifting as I can letting you create your vision not mine, whether it be in preson, over the internet, or in my book. Then it’s up to you. The repitition of keeping you ‘pumped up’ and wanting to hit the keyboard running is by design. We all need booster shots.  ‘Writing what we want to see!’ (or read) is the best shot any of us have. And who is to say we shouldn’t? That’s the way I approach my consulting business and the way I write! Passion projects. Knowing full well I will be better at this next year – and so will you — and that’s the way it should always be! http://petrepan.blogspot.com/2015/01/cost-effective-and-encouraging-review.html


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