‘Man’s Best Friend” Should Be ‘Man’!

No matteryour politics – now is the time to come together. Being a native New Yorker I know in a crisi

s we are our best selves. Warm. Generous. Caring. Giving. Opening our hearts, doors and wallets. It’s a shame we can’t keep that spirit all year long. Houston and East Texas will need help for a long time to come. The infrastructure is strained beyond the breaking point. And unexpected consequences are bound to crop up. The best thing I can do with Arbonne, is to quickly send food supplies that doen’t need refrigeration. Meal replacements that will keep people nourished. To that end Arbonne’s powdered protein shakes and protein bars will be purchased in bulk and immediately shipped out in response to the relief effort. You don’t have to be one of my Arbonne associates to participate. Our teams have mobilized and I am reaching out to all my close and cyber contacts to help with donations. We have boots on the ground from Austin to Houston and are working with the Mission of Hope, the group that we work with when we are building homes in Haiti. They are waiting for our trailers to arrive. All I am asking is for donations in $25 increments today OR Tomorrow. Those donations will be used to purchase product AT WHOLESALE.NOT FOR PROFIT. The food will be trucked from our facility in Indiana over the next few days, since the airports are still trying to catch up.

If you want to help be a part of this effort just shoot me an email ASAP and say “I’m in”. For many of you, your cc info is on file, so with your permission, I will charge your card your donation amount. If I don’t have your cc info, I will cover your donation and we can connect later this week or next to settle. It will take way more than a village, but with the generousity of so many folks in this country help will be on its way. I’m trying to make it as easy for you to paricipate, but if you don’t want to do this, do whatever you can on your own, but let’s all do something. We are Better Together! Bill…E-Mail: BillTaubARB@gmail.com

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