FOR WGAw MEMBERS ONLY – May 10th – 7-9:30 PM -“BACK TO THE FUTURE” – WGA Seminar

The heyday of scripted radio was the 1930’s and 40’s. Early television formats and series came from radio. Now thanks to the burgeoning popularity of podcasts, streaming services, and audio books, scripted audio is the natural extension and a great platform for writers to learn a different skill set and a whole new way of telling stories and getting into the business. 
The challenge for screenwriters is to create the images without pictures. Words, sound effects, music, silence are all powerful tools when integrated artfully. The portability of audio is what makes it such a relevant medium. Besides the best images come from a listener’s imagination. We will start by going back to those long lost days or yesteryear and familiarizing ourselves with a sampling of past and current scripted audio series and podcasts. Followed by a panel of writers and audio producers who have already done scripted audio. They will not only discuss the creation, but what it will take to get a scripted audio project recorded, edited and distributed. 

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