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The one thing I’ve learned about writing for a living – whether it be movies, TV, web series, or books is for the most part, these are not businesses of geniuses. Sure, there are a few – but just a few – then there’s everybody else who developed a skill set, made the right contacts and wound up voila with a career – or an opportunity to get paid for their work.

Truth of the matter I think that goes for everything – not just the entertainment business. Most politicians, doctors, lawyers, teachers, chefs and so on are not geniuses. Particularly politicians.

So, if it’s writing you want to do I can honestly say there has never been a better time to be a writer. To that end I have decided to take my three plus decades of experience and help others who want to do it. The only thing I say is, if it’s torture, don’t do it. But it shouldn’t be torture. Whether you are starting out or a seasoned veteran, you ‘don’t have to be good to start, but you have to start to be good’. So there’s never been a better time to be a writer than now.

Technology has helped cut out the middle man – the gate-keeper – it’s just a matter of you creating something then offering it right to the consumer or the others you will need to get your project done. Marketing and networking are critical to getting your creations seen or produced. And that requires just as much effort as writing itself.

I have developed workshops that can help you and am offering them on a one-to-one or even group basis. Remember, I’m calling them workshops. I will guide you to do the work first, then figure out where to shop it. With the market as diverse as it is there have never been so many categories, niches, and platforms that need product. Which you can supply. And make no mistake about it – what you write is a product.

Creating a Pilot for Traditional Media

I encourage you, guide you, and consult with you to create your own TV series. The goal being not necessarily to sell the pilot itself, but these days if you want to work in television at all – you better have at least two or three pilots in your portfolio.

Creating a Web Series and Pilot Webisode

The new media is exploding faster than anybody can keep up with – and it’s a great way to get a simple idea off the page – and into a form that somebody can actually see – whether it be to try and get funding to make the rest of it – or actually produce the whole thing as you envisioned it with those who can help you get it done.

Capturing the Unique Voice of Series Television

No writer is great at everything. Some are better at facing the blank page or screen and creating something step-by-step from nothing – while others are better at working on projects that already exist and need writers to duplicate them – help write all the episodes. When it comes to writing for television or the web on a project that already has a template – that’s already been created it just has to be multiplied, the key is knowing how to break down what’s already been created into all its parts, deconstruct it, so that you totally understand what makes it tick. What the recipe is – and duplicate it. The key to being a successful episodic writer is to be a good mimic. I can help you get there. Just copy me!

From Script to Scripture and Back Again

With self-publishing becoming such a huge avenue for product – it’s not coincidence that Amazon is called Amazon. It’s a behemoth. But there are other, smaller distributors who are trying to take a slice of the pie away from the behemoth. So, if you already have a script, you might want to think about expanding it out to another platform – a book – and self-publish it. I can help you do both. Or if there’s a book you want to adapt into a script I can help you do that too. You don’t have to be a genius. In fact, it’s better if you aren’t.

The last category is:

Revising and Rewriting

Taking a project you already have that isn’t working right and fix it. Two things are known about the creative process of writing (and other mediums as well) ‘writing is re-writing’. A project is never finished until it’s time to get it out there. And then it’s still not finished. And now with e-books as opposed to hard cover set-in-stone print books you can revise and alter your e-book after it’s been put online. The other thing I like to tell writers is if you can look at a work and say ‘I can fix that!’ – it’s good! So, let me help you put out the fires and fix it! If any of the above interests you contact me for price lists and scheduling.

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